Proctoring & CQA Short Courses

CQA/QC Short Courses for Compacted Clay Liners and Geosynthetics Installations.

Peak GeoSolutions is proud to announce that Bill Hensley and John Stein have obtained proctorship from the Geosynthetics Institute (GSI) to administer the exam for the Geosynthetic Certification Institute-Inspector Certification Program (GCI-ICP), and shortly, will be offering Construction QA/QC for Geosynthetic Installations and Compacted Clay Liners & GCL’s short courses in preparation for taking the exams.

Peak GeoSolutions Short Course Exclusive!

A complete and comprehensive CQA short course for your entire landfill construction project, including both closure and cell construction. Peak GeoSolutions instructors will bring over 100 years of field experience to cover every aspect of landfill construction and CQA including construction methodologies, materials testing, inspection procedures, geoelectrical liner integrity surveys, daily reporting and regulatory certification. Every unit of construction will be covered; embankments, subgrade preparation, landfill gas drilling and systems, leachate piping systems, geosynthetics installations, granular drainage layer materials, cover soils, stormwater control, hydroseeding and much, much more. And guest speakers from industry leaders.

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