Geosynthetics Testing

Currently, PeakGeo subContracts all geosynthetics conformance testing with TRI Environmental, taking full advantage of their in-plant sampling capabilities. Geosynthetic conformance test samples are routinely obtained during the manufacturing process and are sent directly from the plant to TRI’s geosynthetics laboratory. Testing is completed prior to shipment or during transit from the manufacturing plant to the project site. On past projects, in-plant sampling has successfully eliminated delays that would have certainly occurred while waiting on testing results.

More and more engineers are specifying end-of-seam sampling and testing in lieu of the traditional destructive seam sampling at 500Foot intervals. For 16 years PeakGeo has been performing seam analysis (peel adhesion and bonded-seam strength testing) on projects sites during geosynthetics installations. PeakGeo addresses two main issues to correctly perform on-site seam analysis; 1) laboratory conditions and 2) tensiometer calibration.

Laboratory Conditions. Our on-site laboratory conditions are maintained at a temperature of 73.4F - 3.6F (23C - 2C) and at a relatively humidity of 50% - 5% in accordance with ASTM E 171, Standard Laboratory Atmosphere. Laboratory temperature and relative humidity are monitored by hygrometers and recorded every 2 hours. Necessary adjustments are made to the air conditioning and heating units, and if necessary, a humidifier is used to regulate the humidity.

Tensiometer calibration. Our tensiometer load cells are be calibrated in accordance with ASTM E 4 by On-site Calibration Services, Inc. and the Certificate of Accuracy are maintained in the on-site laboratory.

Standard Operating Procedures for peel adhesion and bonded seam strength testing (geomembrane seam analysis) are also maintained in the on-site laboratory. On-site geomembrane seam analysis can also be observed by landfill staff and regulatory agencies.

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Throughout the construction phase of this project, Peak’s team of professionals was extremely proficient and diligent in performing the required tasks and responding to key issues during the project. Peak’s hard work and proactive attitude resulted in a project that was completed on time and within budget.

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