CQA (Construction Quality Assurance)

PeakGeo is highly experienced in the development of CQA programs and manuals. In short, CQA services include product verification testing, construction monitoring, construction verification testing, and project documentation. Our CQA programs are of the highest standards and are on the leading edge of the construction industry, implementing the most recent and recognized methods of engineering technologies. Soon you will be able to visit our Technical Documents page to view and download a CQA Manual as related to a typical solid waste containment project. In 1996, PeakGeo introduced an innovative CQA program that paralleled the technical specifications of the contract documents. The response was overwhelmingly positive to the format, organization, correctness, and thoroughness of the program. This CQA program received recognition from the State of Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality as an organized and comprehensive program. PeakGeo has successfully implemented our own CQA programs as well as programs developed by other engineering firms.

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Please feel free to contact us by your preferred method. We can be reached via the telephone at 877-721-4196. Our administrative email address is as follows: admin@peakgeo.com. If you would like to contact a member of our staff directly, please proceed to our personnel directory.


Throughout the construction phase of this project, Peak’s team of professionals was extremely proficient and diligent in performing the required tasks and responding to key issues during the project. Peak’s hard work and proactive attitude resulted in a project that was completed on time and within budget.

Environmental Engineer
County Public Works Department