Peak GeoSolutions (PeakGeo) is an established construction management company with an extensive client base in the solid waste industry. PeakGeo currently provides a comprehensive set of construction services to landfill operators in the Western United States and has done so for over sixteen years on over 100 geotechnical construction projects encompassing over 60 million square-feet of geosynthetics.

PeakGeo was established and incorporated in May 1993 as Peak Laboratories Inc. As Peak Laboratories, we strictly performed third party independent laboratory testing for the geosynthetics industry on solid waste and mining construction projects. In 1996 we expanded our services to include construction management, construction quality assurance (CQA) and soils testing. We again, expanded our services in 2008 to include geoelectrical liner integrity and leak location surveys. Today PeakGeo prepares contract documents, administers construction contracts, provides on-site construction management, develops and implements on-site CQA programs, performs laboratory and field testing of soils and geosynthetics, and performs liner integrity surveys (LIS) and leak location surveys (LLS). PeakGeo has identified this newly-emerging demand for geoelectrical surveys as an additional service which complements our existing business model. The demand for these geoelectrical survey services are being driven by regulators in several states and by a realization in the containment industry that geoelectrical surveys provide a huge benefit at a reasonable cost.

PeakGeo has invested in a new generation of geoelectrical leak detection equipment that has very recently come to market. Peak has participated in an industry-recognized certification program which provides training and certification for its employees. Over 80% of the existing staff has been trained and is awaiting completion of the certification process. PeakGeo provides this new service to our existing clients as an addition to the services already contracted, utilizing the same site-personnel. PeakGeo, in its role as construction manager on numerous landfill projects where geoelectrical surveys were performed has had a first-hand opportunity to study the business model and practices of its competitors and possesses a thorough understanding of the technology. PeakGeo has the advantage of providing additional comprehensive services to its clients that its competitors do not offer. In the short time since PeakGeo has launched our geoelectrical surveying capabilities, it has already contracted projects totaling nearly 9 million square-feet.

Let PeakGeo take a vested interested in your containment construction project and establish an environment of teamwork and commitment with all parties involved in the project. PeakGeo will guide our clients through their projects, anticipate problems, develop and recommend solutions, maintain quality standards, and will take the leading role in the successful completion of your project.

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Please feel free to contact us by your preferred method. We can be reached via the telephone at 877-721-4196. Our administrative email address is as follows: If you would like to contact a member of our staff directly, please proceed to our personnel directory.


I would like to thank Peak GeoSolutions for their professionalism, reliability and assistance on the CB project. This project presented some unique challenges both physically and time wise with the location and access to the work area and proximity to holidays we were in a real time crunch to get this project finished on time and (most importantly) keep the client happy. Peak went above and beyond to ensure that everything would go according to plan and this project would be successful without their assistance we would have been onsite for several more days. I look forward to working with you on many more successful projects to come.

Project Manager
Geosynthetics Installer