OCTOBER 14, 2010

Ian D. Peggs, PhD, PE of I-CORP International will conduct a one-day seminar and workshop on the subject of geoelectric liner leak location and liner integrity surveys. The workshop, to he held October 14, 2010 in Laramie, Wyoming, is co-sponsored by Solid Waste Professionals of Wyoming, Peak GeoSolutions and Tri-Hydro Corporation. Topics will include an overview of the geoelectric technique; a discussion of allowable leakage rates; designing for leak location; leak location as an integral part of geomembrane CQA and a brief discussion of alternate leak location methodologies. The seminar is open to solid waste regulatory agencies and MSW landfill operators as well as operators of industrial waste sites, wastewater treatment facilities, consultants to these industries and, in fact, anyone who uses geomembrane for containment. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Bill Hensley @ 307-554-0982.

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Throughout the construction phase of this project, Peak’s team of professionals was extremely proficient and diligent in performing the required tasks and responding to key issues during the project. Peak’s hard work and proactive attitude resulted in a project that was completed on time and within budget.

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